Congratulations to Ayla Glenn for being an "Accelerated Reader  1,000,000 Word Count Winner" at Palacios Junior High!!
Ms. Girndt’s 7th grade math class have fun while figuring the volume of a pyramid and other three dimensional shapes.
Palacios High School Registration Orientation  In preparation for next school year, Palacios High School will be having registration orientation for all students in 8th grade.  During orientation, we will discuss registration and courses offered.  Registration packets will be given to all students.  Information and materials will be explained to students in detail.  There will be a Parent Orientation for 8th grade Parents on Wednesday, February 12th at 4:30-5:30 pm in the PHS LRC.  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend this informational meeting.   There will be a Parent Orientation in Spanish for 8th grade Parents on Wednesday, February 12th at 6:00 pm in the PHS LRC.  Registration Schedule:  On the following days, Counselor Garcia will be in their Science classroom and will individually assist students in filling out their registration forms and graduation plans.  Parent signatures are required on the all forms.  The schedule is as follows:  Freshmen Registration for Current 8th graders in Science Classroom:   All Day February 10th- February 12th            February 13th – February 14th as needed  
During Holocaust Remembrance Week, 6th Grade Art students completed a photo study. This photo activity has students examine photographs from the Holocaust which may or may not be familiar to them. By examining the photographs, first without a caption and then with a caption, students see the behaviors of ordinary individuals and think about the pressures and motives that might have shaped the behaviors. During the lesson in the link below, the students gathered a unique understanding of why and how the Holocaust occurred.
The faculty and staff of Palacios Junior High have selected (l-r) John Brown, Annie Tyler, Ava Bowers, Brode Doege, Jocelyn Munoz and JoseLuis Cisneros as Outstanding Students of Character for the first six weeks.  The students were chosen for this honor based on attributes of their character.  The character trait for the six week was Responsibility.  These students met the demands of duty, were accountable, pursued excellence and exercised self-control.
We are pleased to invite 4th 5th, and 6th grade students to participate in the Texas Water Utilities Association. Public Education Committee, Poster and Essay Contest for 2020. This program v/as developed In an effort to educate the public about the water utilities industry. As you are aware, water is one of our most vital and precious natural resources. Curriculum could include: the Impact of flooding on our communities and environment; agricultural impact in times of flooding or drought (too much or too little water); hydroelectricity: the importance of clean water to human health; or maybe a class/ school-wide look at reduction in consumption and the environmental impact of such action. The possibilities are endless.  For more information and contest rules, click here.
The Theme for Palacios ISD is All4One. Palacios Junior High found a creative way to showcase their staff on a bulletin board using the district theme.
The faculty and staff of Palacios Junior High have selected Joseph Dang, Jocelyn Garcia, Catherine Graves, Reis Bowers, Victoria Castanon and Andrew Acosta as Outstanding Students of Character for the fifth six weeks.  The students were chosen for this honor based on attributes of their character.  The character trait for the six weeks was Trustworthiness.  These students are trustworthy, honest, reliable, loyal and display integrity in their daily life.
Students from Palacios Junior High and High School participated in the Weimar Fast Relays Special Olympics! They won 2nd place in the 100m relay and 3rd place in the 200 relay. Congratulations to these students!  They were very proud of there accomplishments.
These students participated in their Region Band Concert this Saturday and did a fantastic job! In order to make it, they participated in a contest mid December and competed against all other Junior high students in Region 13. Over 70 students competed in each different section and these students prevailed.  Sam, Isaac, Andrew, and Juliana were the top in each of their sections, securing 1st chair in the top band. Abigail and Gabriel took 1st chair in their sections in the Concert Band. Please congratulate these students on a job well done! 😁